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Swimming Pools Keep You Cool What You Should Consider About Pool Installation

July 15, 2019


In the United States and around the world, swimming is a blessing during the hot and humid summer months. It is also extremely popular. To be more specific, swimming is the fourth most popular activity just in the United States alone, and 36% of children (aged 7 to 17) and 15% of adults swim at least six times annually. So, having a swimming pool in your backyard would be extremely beneficial, not only for you but for any children that may be in your life. In fact, 10.4 million people have pools in their backyards! If you are considering pool installation, here’s what you should consider.

Build Your Swimming Pool

It takes much time and effort for pool builders to complete your pool installation, but it is certainly worth it. Before your pool installation there are a handful of things you should ask yourself and the pool builders. Ready to make a splash?

Benefit From An Above Ground Or In-Ground: There are two types of pools; above ground and in-ground. Depending on the space your backyard can retain, one may be more ideal than the other. If your backyard is smaller, you’ll benefit from an above ground pool, because it will take up less square feet. If your backyard is more expansive than you can work on purchasing an in-ground pool. Unlike above ground pools, in ground pools come in a variety of different styles, shapes, different sizes, and also different depths of a deep end. Most individuals enjoy in ground pools because they are trendy, and can add beauty to your backyard.

It is important to note that in ground swimming pools are more expensive than above ground pools, but if money is not a hinderance to you, in ground swimming pools are ideal. Additionally, above ground swimming pools are easier in terms of pool installation because they are kit-like pools. This means that they come in parts similar to a kit, and a pool builder just needs to place the pieces together, so to speak. Then, if you do not desire to have your pool in your backyard anymore, you can have a pool builder easily take it down. In ground pools are more permanent. They do not come in kits but are made of vinyl, concrete, or fiberglass. Many in ground pools are typically made of fiberglass.

Finding A Pool Builder: This is particularly important when you decide you want an in ground swimming pool. An in ground swimming pool requires a pool builder or contractor for pool installation. There are certain steps a pool contractor must take before even building your pool. First, a contractor must assess your land. This is typically to make sure there is an ample amount of open area for your pool to be built on. This is also to make sure your land and everything around it (fencing, etc) are up to code. Make sure your pool builder has years of experience and expertise. You can also look at customers reviews and company reviews to ensure that you are getting a respectable pool contractor for your pool installation.

Location In Your Backyard: You will also need to consider location for your pool installation. There is a difference between above ground and in ground. An above ground pool can typically be placed anywhere in your backyard. Additionally, if you have an ample amount of land or space, an in ground pool can be tricky. This is only because of backyard equipment or decorations you may already have set in your backyard. The in ground pool will be more complicated to install. If you have trees or plants surrounding your backyard area, it will also be a little bit more complicated to successfully install your pool. You’ll also want to consider how close you want your pool to your house and windows, which is ideal for supervision.

Consider The Future: If you plan on moving houses in the future, consider what the above ground or in ground people will do to your home’s value. Some say it can increase your home’s value, because people will want a swimming pool during the summer months!

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