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Soft Waterproof Sheets for Babies and Children Keep Them Dry and Comfortable

February 6, 2017


Crib sheet sizes

Parents want to give their babies and children the best the world has, including a soft, comfortable bed. But until now, the waterproof sheets that were used on cribs and children’s beds were made of stiff and crackly plastic. They were difficult to wash and uncomfortable to sleep on. New waterproof, hypoallergenic bedsheets made of natural and sustainable fiber are completely unlike those plastic sheets. They’re soft to the touch and easy to wash and dry. They come in soft colors that promise comfort and pleasant dreams. In fact, these sheets are so comfortable that adults want to use them too. Luckily, they come in all kinds of sizes, from baby crib sheets to waterproof fitted sheet doubles.

Comfortable waterproof sheets for the whole family
For parents with babies or young children, waterproof sheets that are soft and comfortable can be exactly what they were they were looking for. The sheets are hypoallergenic and gentle against baby’s sensitive skin. They’re are easy to keep clean, and can be put in the washer and dryer, unlike regular plastic waterproof sheets.
They’re so comfortable that parents often decide to use them for their own beds as well. To meet the needs of the whole family, soft waterproof sheets come in all sizes, from crib sized sheets to kids fitted sheets to waterproof fitted sheet doubles.

Soft waterproof sheets are hypoallergenic
Waterproof baby crib sheets keep the little ones comfortable and dry, and make a good substitute for mattress covers. They are soft and breathable, and won’t cause the sleeper to overheat. And there’s no need to add an extra sheet on top.
The sheets are made from natural and sustainable fibers, to which zinc has been added. Zinc is known for its antibacterial properties, and actually cares for the skin while you sleep. These sheets are comfortable and practical. They come in all sizes, from fitted crib sheets to waterproof fitted sheet doubles.

A comfortable bed for comfortable sleeping
A comfortable sleep is essential for everyone, no matter your age. Newborn babies sleep anywhere from ten and a half to eighteen hours a day, while schoolchildren should get around ten to eleven hours of sleep every night. A comfortable sleep begins with a comfortable bed.
Most people believe that they sleep better on clean, freshly washed sheets. As many as 78% say that they look forward to going to bed on freshly scented sheets. And about 75% or three out of four people think that they sleep better on freshly washed sheets.

Parents with babies or young children often start by using soft waterproof sheets for the kids’ beds and then decide to use them for their own beds as well. That’s why these sheets come in all sizes, from crib beds to waterproof fitted sheet doubles, so the whole family can enjoy the comfort.

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