Signs That Your Tree May Be Dying

June 13, 2022


There are a number of diseases and issues that can damage a tree over time. This can sometimes weaken a tree enough that it could fall down and damage your property. This is why it is important to be able to identify dying trees and have them removed. In this video, you will learn how to spot a dying tree. They are really not that difficult to identify once you know what to look for.

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If you are not sure, make sure to call your local certified arborists right away. They can identify a dying tree and either help nurse it back to life or cut it down for you to minimize the risk of damage or injury.

The easiest sign to spot that your tree might be dying is limbs with no branches. This is a bad sign because these limbs are already dead. Further, they are not providing the tree with any nutrients if they don’t have any leaves on them. Another warning sign is white bark. This often means that there is mold and rot present inside the tree. This mold eats away at the tree from the inside until it dies.


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