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Show Your Colors with a House Flag

March 2, 2014


Decorative yard flags

For centuries people have used flags as means of communicating with the world around them. For instance, it is commonly believed that waving a red flag historically signified bravery, strength and valor and were commonly used at times of war. Flags were also used by the military to communicate at long distances with each flag position and design signifying different commonly used phrases. Today, flags are still used to communicate with others but are used more often in a decorative sense and communicate our different values, interests, and hobbies. One popular example of this trend would be garden house flags.

In the United States gardening has increased in popularity over the past few decades. It is currently estimated that 72% of American households participate in gardening activities and the number of households has increased by 2 million in the last two years. Garden house flags can be a decorative and stylish way for these homes to communicate their love of gardening with their neighbors. These flags can come in the form of decorative summer flags, professional artist flags, and decorative yard flags.

If your yard would be tied together by garden house flags, they can be purchased online from a variety of sites. These stores often sell flag accessories, flag hardware and seasonal flags as well. You can also find more specialty items beyond garden house flags such as Peanuts flags, Hello Kitty flags, and wedding garden flags. Join the long tradition of communicating with your friends and neighbors by adding a flag to your household.

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