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Seven Fascinating Facts About the Water You Drink

May 2, 2014


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Water is vital for a number of different bodily functions. According to WebMD, it helps maintain proper levels of all body fluids, better control calories you take in, energizes muscles, keeps skin looking and feeling healthy, assists your kidneys, and maintain normal bowel functions. But though getting a drink of water is easy for the majority of Americans, there are plenty of clean drinking water facts that might make you stop taking for granted how easy it is to get a drink.

  • Around 780 million people around the world lack access to improved drinking water and roughly half of the developing world, some 2.5 billion, do not have adequate sanitation.
  • Although so many people struggle with finding and accessing drinking water, Americans use a whopping 346,000 gallons of freshwater every day. Many even use drinking water filtration systems that make sure every ounce is clean.
  • Only about 20% of the fresh water Americans use is for drinking and showering. The other 80% is used for irrigation and electricity.
  • Some water pipes, even in the U.S., still contain lead. If it contaminates the water, it could get people sick and 480,000 children every year develop learning diseases because of exposure to the material. So water filters that have the capacity to remove lead might be an essential accessory in some homes.
  • While the majority of Americans (85%) get their water from regulated public water systems, the remaining group gets it from other sources. Since there are thousands of contaminants that could get in water and make people sick, those without treated water generally need some type of filtration system.
  • One of the more exciting clean drinking water facts is that the CDC named drinking water fluoridation one of the ten most important public health achievements of the 20th century. Though too much of the chemical can weaken bones, it is great for preventing cavities.
  • Between indoor and outdoor uses, the average American residence uses 100,000 gallons of water every year. For most, simply turning on the faucet and getting a clean glass of water isn’t ever a problem.

The fact that there are so many clean drinking water facts that show how people all over the world have trouble accessing water, should hammer home the fact that everyone needs to do their part to help prevent water pollution. But since some contaminants will always work their way into water glasses, installing filters for a bit of extra protection is a smart choice for every homeowner. For more information see this.

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