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Senior Living Options Can Save Mom or Dad’s Life

April 8, 2017


Assisted living vs nursing home

Are you struggling to take care of your loved one? Perhaps mom or dad is having troubles in their old age, and you may not have the time to care for them. In this difficult and emotionally taxing situation, it is important to have the best assistance possible. Senior living options offer the best care you would expect for your loved one. Those in older age may experience debilitating health conditions that make it hard to take care of themselves. Over three-fourths of those living in assisted living facilities have some of the most common conditions; including high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, and other types of dementia.

Assisted living facilities, or retirement homes, have the most high quality living standards. Within these facilities your loved one will be provided everything they need by attentive and skilled nurses. Residents will be able to have meals they enjoy including snacks and personal care services. Health care and medication management is also available. Many social events and entertaining activities for Alzheimer residents are organized. Cleaning services, including laundry are taken care of. Transportation is also provided for the resident’s needs. Senior living is thorough and accommodating for all of your loved one’s unique needs. There are many special care options for Alzheimer patients, including memory care activities for seniors.

Residents actually enjoy their stay at Senior living facilities and retirement homes. The group ProMatura LLC conducted an independent living study in 2009, which showed that by becoming a resident in an assisted living facility, people were more open to social situations, making friends, and doing fun activities. Most residents said that they were having a better experience than originally expected. By being in a community of people around their own age, your loved one can make great friends and have enjoyable activities to participate it. They will feel independent and have a great quality of life. Those with conditions in their old age will no longer feel like they might be a burden on their family, and continue their life in the best health possible, all while having a peaceful experience.

It’s proven that happiness and contentment can extend a person’s life. You can do the best for your loved one and choose a Senior living option today. It is worthwhile, and can give you and a new resident peace of mind.

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