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Retro folding beds making a comeback as folks squeeze into smaller abodes

May 15, 2013


Closet systems

New York City just completed a unique design competition for the best “micro apartment” of 300 square feet or less. Considering that a large bed can take up over a fifth of a micro apartment space just by itself, we need to utilize space saving devices and designs. You may have seen Murphy wall beds, the ones that fold up into the wall, in cartoons from the 1950s and 60s or possibly in sitcoms of that era, but they are real and available and highly functional in the reduced space urban realms of the modern day.

Even if you are not living in a micro apartment, chances are still that you are, in a major U.S. city, living in a modest space for a good chunk of change. Given this, not only Murphy wall beds but also clever closet organizing systems can conserve copious quantities of space and allow you to have the stuff of your existence without being crowded out of house and home by it.

Wall bed kits are out there, as are an array of closet organizer systems. And don’t worry, even though in the cartoons the Murphy wall beds often spring to their upright positions while the owner is still under the covers, there is nothing to fear with the modern designs! In New York, where even a micro apartment can be $2000 per month, conserving space is paramount. Unless you want your bed to be your bed, your kitchen table, and reluctantly serve other duties because you cannot stow it during the day, you should strongly consider famous Murphy wall beds! And unless you want your entire apartment to become a closet, you should strongly consider the closet organizer systems on the market now.

Small spaces need not be oppressive. Space saving stuff available to you today will give you breathing room in the big city!

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