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Renting the Right Linens for a Wedding

August 1, 2019


A number of events can and often are hosted outdoors if the weather permits it, and these may include weddings, charity meals, birthday parties, or even a speech. If an event is being hosted outside, then not only should the event organizers prepare table linen rentals and table rentals, but also party tent rentals as well. Even when a wedding or large birthday party is taking place outside, the guests will want a roof over their heads, so large party tents can create the right mix of outdoor vs indoor elements. For wedding rentals in particular, table linen rentals should be done with care, and there are a number of elements to juggle. Renting the correct tables comes before table linen rentals, and even figuring out the table arrangement may take some work. But if the right procedure is followed, an outdoor wedding or birthday party can be organized perfectly for everyone to enjoy.

Table Rentals and Square Footage

How should the party organizers settle on tent rentals or table linen rentals? These items should not be rented first, since they require some references. Before linens are rented, tables must be rented, and before that, the guest list should be consulted. Nothing in the party should be estimated; hard numbers are needed, and that starts with the guest list. An event such as a birthday party or wedding will certainly have a guest list, and that’s a whole topic on its own. Once that list is finalized, that hard number allows the event organizers to rent some tables (and matching chairs) to seat everyone. This may range from a few square tables to many round tables, but overall, the total seating capacity must match the guest list, and the event organizers can rent these tables and chairs from a dedicated rental site. (Linens and tables will probably be rented from different companies.)

Not only that, but the event organizers must arrange these tables and chairs so that there is enough room between the chairs for everyone to walk and get around. That, and there must be sufficient room so that people can slide their chairs in and out. The size and shape of the chairs may be a factor, too. Once all of that is determined, the event organizers can determine the total square footage that their event is taking up, which is important for tent rentals. This number shouldn’t be simply estimated, since a too-small tent can’t hold everyone and a too-large tent is a waste of money and room. Start with the guest list, then the tables and chairs and their square footage.

Tents and Linens

With the tables, chairs, and square footage in place, it’s time for tents and linens. These materials may also be rented, and table linen rentals are made easy when the renters know the size, shape, and number of all tables involved. Like with the square footage, this should not be estimated or guessed ahead of time; have the actual tables available for reference for the linen square footage and shape. A table linen rentals company may offer many different linens that vary not just in size, but also material, color, and pattern. Those factors are mostly a matter of preference, as long as the size is correct. Linens may be silk, cotton, or other materials.

What about the tent? With the square footage as reference, the event organizers may approach a local tent rental company and find a model that suits their needs. These tents may be quite large in some cases, and it is important to look them over in person before committing to a rental. The renters will not want a tent with rips, holes, stains, or frayed material, so they can check for all that ahead of time. What is more, tents may have accessories added, such as fabric walls complete with clear plastic windows. These can create a more thorough indoor feel if that’s desired, and walls can block out sudden wind or rain if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Fabric walls also offer more privacy, if that is desired, too. Strings of lights may be hung from the tent’s support rods and ceiling as decoration and lighting in the evening or early night.

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