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Protect Yourself from Falling with the Right Cane for You

May 24, 2017


Lofstrand cane

Do you experience dizziness when standing up or walking? Have you fallen recently? If so, your physician may recommend that you begin using a cane or another type of mobility device.

Every year, 1 in 4 older adults experience falling, and over half of these falls take place at home. While this may occur while doing simple chores around the house or gardening, they may also happen during other types of situations.

Some individuals may be prone to falling and require regular mobility assistance due to having osteoarthritis. The 2 most common causes of elderly persons taking a fall, however, are due to experiencing unsteadiness or dizziness. This may usually occur when a person stands up from a chair, couch, or bed as well as while walking.

Senior citizens are treated in emergency rooms for falls every 11 seconds. On an annual basis, this amounts to over 2 million individuals receiving treatment for injuries related to falling.

There are different types of devices available to assist with mobility, and roughly 6.8 million people in the United States use these on a regular basis. Recent figures show that nearly 40% Americans 85 or older are currently using mobility devices in order to be remain active.

The most-widely used mobility devices are canes, and they are used by 4.8 million Americans. For individuals 65 and older, 10.2% are using canes. Over 22.3% of Individuals with osteoarthritis are using canes for mobility assistance.

Given the variety of canes available, some individuals may choose to have several. Canes are also composed of different materials, such as carbon fiber canes and wooden canes. Decorative and custom walking canes are also available, such as those with horse heads or brass handles. Folding canes and umbrella canes are available as are those with seats.

When you’re looking at canes, such as carbon fiber canes, you want to be sure that you can use them comfortable and they have a good grip. Your physician or physical therapist may also recommend a specific type of cane for you. It may be your preference to have a cane for indoor use only and another for when you’re outdoors in the garden or going on a walk or shopping.

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