Pre-Arranged Funerals: Pros and Cons

December 13, 2019


No one enjoys planning a funeral, but it’s a reality that many have to face. However, if you make funeral pre-arrangements for yourself or a loved one, you could relieve some of the stress that would otherwise affect you and your family if you waited. In fact, according to a survey by AARP, one in three people have done some form of funeral pre-planning, and one in four have even paid for funeral services in advance. Here are the pros and cons of a pre-arranged funeral.


1. If you pre-plan a funeral, you can be sure that your final wishes will be followed. You will get to choose your cemetery plot and you will take care of all of the details of the funeral. And there are usually a lot of details. According to Cremation Services Laredo TX, this can include whether or not you will be cremated, what the casket and headstone will say and look like, and even what kind of flowers will be displayed.

2. Pre-planning a funeral can save your loved one’s unnecessary stress. Your family will be dealing with a loss, which can make decisions difficult, to say the least. Not having to plan a funeral would give them one less thing to worry about.

3. You will be assured that you have chosen a good funeral home because you will have had the time to do your research and find the best one. You can feel good about the services they offer and the costs if you pre-plan.

4. You might be able to spend less money by pre-planning a funeral. Cremation Services Laredo TX says that sometimes, you are able to lock in the current price, and your loved ones won’t have to worry about paying for a funeral.


1. If you pre-plan a funeral, you run the risk that your chosen funeral home will go out of business. Approximately 86% of funeral homes in the United States are owned by families or individuals, so the odds that a funeral home could go out of business are higher. Make sure to check about your chosen funeral home’s policy.

2. You may not be able to get a refund if you move, want to change payment methods, or change your mind about pre-planned funeral details. Many times a funeral home will have a pretty strict policy. Check with yours to know upfront and avoid any surprises.

3. According to Cremation Services Laredo TX, you may have little or no money to leave your loved ones if you pre-plan a funeral. There may be additional end-of-life expenses that your family will have to pay for, so be sure that there will be enough money before you choose how much to spend on a pre-planned funeral.

While no one likes to dwell on the negative, our deaths are inevitable. You should consider the pros and cons of pre-planned funerals to help you make a decision. Making decisions now could create less stress for those you leave behind.

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