Medical Marijuana at Forefront of Latest Telemedicine Trends

There are approximately 200 telemedicine platform networks in the U.S. that provide connectivity to over 3,000 sites, according to the American Telemedicine Association (ATA). However, those numbers could probably double if recent telemedicine trends in relation to the medical marijuana industry continue. California’s Telehealth Advancement Act was signed into law in 2011, but the effects […]

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Insignia remote control | Sony remote control replacement | Toshiba remote control replacement

Many Homeowners Looking for Original Remotes for Older Sets

Before anyone ever “surfed the Internet,” people all around the world were using remote controls to “channel surf,” often spending hours flipping through television channels without watching more than a few minutes of any single program. In fact, the average American spends up to five hours in front of the television every day: doing homework, […]

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