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More than Just Spring Cleaning The Top Three Reasons to Contribute Used Clothing Donations

June 4, 2014


Used clothing donations

Look inside your closet and your dresser: how much clothing do you have that you are no longer using? What about the closets and dressers for your significant other or your children — do they have clothing that no longer fits them or that they no longer want to wear? Chances are, you and your family have plenty of clothing that is no longer being used, yet it is still in perfectly good condition. If you do, you may want to consider contributing to used clothing donations in your area.

Used clothing donations aren’t just good for removing clutter from your home; you can reduce the amount of waste heading to landfills, and local clothing donations can aid those in your community who are most in need.

Want more information on the benefits of charity clothing donations? Here are the top three reasons to donate:

    3. It’s good for your closet. You know that spring cleaning project you’ve been putting off for so long? Now is the time to tackle it! Donating your old clothing will easily clear clutter out of your home, and it will open up plenty of storage space in your closets, dresser, and other containers.
    2. It’s good for the environment. At least 99% of clothing and fabric thrown away in the United States could be recycled or reused. However, despite how easy it is to recycle these materials, people tend to throw out these salvageable items instead. According to research estimates, 90% of the clothing in landfills could have been reused instead, but the average American is throwing out an estimated 68 pounds of clothing and textiles every year. Used clothing donations take those objects out of the landfills and give them to others instead.
    1. It’s good for your community. The number one reason to donate is that, as a result of cleaning out your closet and not sending clothes to the landfill, donating is one of the easiest ways of helping families in need in your area. Donating locally helps those who need free or low-cost items for themselves and their children. Some charities even serve specific populations, such as low-income families and veterans.

If you need more information on how and where to donate, check out charities in your area or search on the web for places that donate to families in need. Have suggestions or comments on clothing donations? Leave a comment below. Visit here for more:

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