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Making Use of Self Storage Units

May 21, 2019


When you have a lot of stuff and not enough storage space for it all, you may need to look at the local commercial storage units to store your excess items. There are big storage units for rent as well as smaller ones if you don’t have that much to store. Some people store their off-season items in a storage unit so that the items aren’t taking up space in their homes all year long. If you are looking to buy storage near me, there are likely many such places in your community. These businesses are highly profitable, so they are continuing to be built in communities across the country.

If you have a business that needs to store a lot of company items, you may need to look at the business storage for rent near me. These units often have better security so that businesses can keep their items safely stored. Many business items are expensive, and it’s important to have that security for them to prevent theft. When you are looking at business storage units near me, be sure that you ask about the security measures so that you have better peace of mind about storing those items.

Modern Americans always need storage space where they can place their items safely, but their personal property or rented apartments or town homes won’t always have enough space on hand. This is especially true for large items such as RVs, boats, or a spare car or large furniture. But there’s no need to move to a whole new residence just to make room; self storage units can be found across the United States, and they do just that: provide storage solutions for storing your boat, cars, furniture, and even hobby items. Self storage sites may often be found near major towns or cities, and these self storage sites may vary somewhat in their square footage or cost of renting space, but any self storage site has the same basic premise. Many Americans are making use of them today, in fact. How often are people storing items there, and what might they store at such a place?

Americans and Self Storage

A self storage facility is a campus that includes a fenced-off parking lot and buildings with roll-down metal doors for storing smaller items under a roof. Chain link fences may surround the parking lot, and the buildings might even have brick walls or wrought iron fences around them. How often are these facilities used? Today, estimates say that around 52,000 such facilities are in use across the United States today (and they collectively employ over 170,000 people), and this self storage facility is bigger than ever. Today, it has an estimated value close to $22 billion in revenue every single year, and may grow in the near future, too. From 1995 to 2012, for example, there was a 65% increase in the use of such storage space rental. This adds up to a lot of storage space; an estimated total of 2.3 billion square feet of storage space, ready to rent, is out there among all these facilities. As of 2012, for a recent example,, nearly one in 10 American adults is making use of a self storage site. All of this averages out to nearly 21 square feet of storage for every American household today.

Renting a Storage Unit

Why might someone choose to rent a self storage space? Sometimes, such facilities are used if a household is moving from a larger residence to a smaller one, and they don’t have room for everything. That, or the moving family simply wants to trim down their inventory for the move to make that process faster and easier. In this case, they might deliver items such as furniture, stacks of books, hobby items, or even a spare car to a storage site and keep it there for some time. Self storage might also be used if a person has bought an RV or a boat but only uses it during certain times of the year. The rest of the time, that vehicle would take up a lot of room at the owner’s residence, so self storage is used instead. Someone who visits a self storage site may see quite a few RVs and boats of all shapes and sizes stores out there in the parking lot.

Smaller businesses may also use self storage sites as miniature warehouses. A larger retailer will rent proper warehouses, but a small, one-location store or business may rent a self storage space for their budget. There, they can store excess inventory or even seasonal items that don’t belong in the store during certain times of year. Christmas or Halloween themed items or decorations, for example, may be stored there until the right time of year arrives again.

Someone who needs self storage may look up their options online, and conduct a search using their home city/town, ZIP code, or even their home county as a location reference. They may then find some local self storage sites, choose some that are fairly close, and visit to evaluate them. Good storage sites will have fair prices for rentals, and they will have a clean and sanitary premise. Indoor storage space should be dry, clean, and free of trash or other debris. They should also have ample security, such cameras, fences and brick walls, and even patrolling security guards on the premises.


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