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Make Potty Training Easier with Waterproof Bed Sheets

January 4, 2017


Fitted waterproof mattress protector

When it’s time to begin potty training, your child will probably be as excited as you are to begin wearing big boy or big girl panties. It can be a lot of fun to go shopping for these, especially since there are so many fun patterns and colors, some with their favorite cartoon characters.

In addition to shopping for new underwear, you will also want to get several sets of potty training sheets and protective pillow cases. These waterproof sheets are hypoallergenic and made out of natural fibers. Furthermore, they are also soft and colorful.

While some children become potty trained with ease, and only have a few bed-wetting episodes at night, others may take a bit longer. In this case, some parents may choose to have their children continue to wear a diaper to bed at night. When your child wakes up with a dry diaper for several weeks in a row, this may be a sign that they have developed better bladder control.

Children between the ages of three-to-six years old need from ten to 12 hours a sleep, according to medical experts. If they are really sound sleepers, they may occasionally wet the bed at night, especially if they’ve had too much to drink before bedtime.

Other children may wake up when they wet the bed, so this can interrupt their sleep cycle. It goes without saying how important getting a good night’s sleep is for you and your child.

When children are in grade school, particularly between first and fifth grade, medical experts recommend that they have 10-to-11 hours of sleep a night; however, many school-age children tend to only sleep 9.5 hours a night.

School-age children may occasionally wet the bed if they’re sick or had too much to drink before bed. If this occurs regularly, however, you will want to discuss this with your pediatrician to rule out a medical condition.

When your child wets the bed, it’s important to encourage rather than blame them. This is especially true when they’re first potty training. Be sure to reward them with praise when they sleep through the night without wetting the bed. Some parents may reward their children with stickers.

When you put waterproof fitted sheets, rather than traditional mattress covers, on your child’s bed, it will be so much more comfortable. Your child will notice how much softer their bed is with a waterproof fitted sheet single. Because they come in a variety of colors, your child will enjoy snuggling down into their bed with a waterproof fitted sheet single, top sheet, and their favorite blankets or comforter.

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