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Letting Your Loved Ones Be Independent AND Safe

November 23, 2015


Eldercare elkton

Assisted living doesn’t have to be something to dread. It can be something to look forward it. It’s an ideal place for elderly people who still want and need their independence and just require help for certain activities. If living alone can potentially be dangerous or just requires to much strain on the person, at assisted living facilities they can still live their day to day lives as normal with as much independence as they would like.

It is important to note that independent senior housing or assisted living homes are not the same as nursing homes. At independent senior housing, the workers understand the importance of allowing the residents the space they want but at the same time making constant care available for any needs that might come up. The Assisted Living Federation of America requires that the elderly people living in the assisted living homes should have accessibility, independence, quality of life, dignity and personal choices. Also included by the National Center for Assisted Living is personal care. This includes things like bathing, dressing, shopping, administering medication,

Many assisted living centers have apartment style homes or rooms for their residents to live in and still keep their privacy and comforts of their original home decor. However, house keeping is of course, available for the residents.

We must remember that each facility is run differently with it’s own set of rules and regulations and services. Same goes for the activities but they can be anything from bingo to low impact aerobics and dancing or walking to art classes or poetry groups. If you will be looking into independent senior housing in the near future, take a look at their activities list and ensure the facility you are choosing has activities you or your loved one will enjoy.

It is very common for people to need long term care. In fact, 70% of Americans will require it in their lives. As I stated in the beginning, it can be a very great experience for everyone involved. These kinds of facilities can be a very relaxing and stress free environment not only for the residents but for the relatives or loved ones knowing that their parent, grandparents or whoever it may be is being taken care of in a safe and friendly environment that is not encroaching on their desire to still be independent and do things for themselves that they are able to do. Once the resident is settled into a routine it’s really quite beautiful to watch them flourish and grow in the atmosphere of assisted living. They are free to think about the positive things of their lives instead of worrying about hurting themselves or burdening their families. Would you use senior independent housing for your loved ones? Why or why not?

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