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Keep Your Commercial Buildings Well-Maintained

November 7, 2016


Steel buildings

Were you aware that the United States has the second largest construction business in the world and a ten percent market share? In addition, and on a global basis, the cement market was valued at around $237 billion in U.S. currency for 2011 alone.

Given all the commercial buildings that have been and are continuing to be constructed, there is an obvious need for commercial building maintenance. A commercial contractor can assess the building and determine whether commercial concrete or other construction materials, such as steel, are needed to maintain or repair a building.

When considering maintenance for commercial buildings, energy efficiency and consumption are often issues of concern. If an asphalt roof needs repair, for example, it may be more efficient and cost-effective to replace it with a metal roof.

Energy costs can be reduced with metal roofs, particularly when it’s necessary to keep the interior of the building cool due to hot weather. It may also be necessary to keep the interior cool due to computer equipment, product storage, and other factors.

One of the benefits of metal roofs is that they can reduce overall cooling costs up to 20%. They can also reduce peak cooling demands up to 15%. Furthermore, when concerned with the costs of replacing a roof, metal roofs will usually last over 30 years. They also require less maintenance than other types of roofs.

Some older commercial buildings, as well as renovated homes used for commercial purposes, may have attics. During the winter and other cold months, 40% of the interior heat can be lost through these attic spaces. When consulting a general contractor, they will offer recommendations on how to properly insulate this space to avoid heat loss.

In addition to commercial building maintenance, a general contractor can also construct pole barns and handle barn renovations. In addition, they can provide repair and/or construction of equestrian facilities.

When steel building, repairs, and maintenance are needed, a steel building contractor can take care of these projects.

It’s important to engage in regular building inspections to ensure that commercial buildings are well-maintained and meet safety standards. It’s also important that commercial buildings conform to environmental safety protocols.

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