Is Mediation a Good Alternative Dispute Resolution?

April 12, 2022


If you are involved in litigation of some kind, whether that be a personal injury case, contract disputes, family law disputes, and even employment disagreements. Mediation is a great way to have an alternative dispute resolution, so your case can go by faster and you can come to a more civil agreement in the end. Mediation is a way of negotiating that is facilitated by a neutral third party, the mediator, who does not have a stake in the outcome of the dispute.

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Mediation happens in both the state and federal courts to help get through litigation cases.

Mediation can be held at the mediator’s office or another neutral location. Also, mediation is voluntary, so no one is forced to do this type of negotiation, but it can be really helpful to both parties when this is an option. Mediation is used a lot during divorce cases, so the couple can have a civil dispute about what they want out of this divorce. This can be extremely important in many litigation cases, so you should see if you can try this alternative dispute resolution if you are ever involved in a legal case. Watch this video to learn all about mediation.


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