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Incorporating Japanese Screens in Your Interior Design

April 27, 2014


Shoji screens

A well appointed home can equate to an increased valuation when buying or selling, according to Smart Money magazine. Apart from the financial considerations, there are aesthetic benefits to incorporating well designed features, such as Japanese shoji screens and doors in your home. When selecting a craftsman for your home, you should look for finely skilled products and experience among other things.

The Japanese folding screens are becoming a popular component of Western interior design based on their ability to adapt to many different styles. Traditionally they were made of bamboo and rice paper, but the modern Japanese room screens can be made from materials such as, wood, vinyl, or waterproof rice paper. As more craftsmen are learning how to make shoji screens, you can find all kinds of options for the decorative Japanese screen.

It might be fairly obvious, but you can start by seeking referrals or recommendations from neighbors or colleagues, especially if they have recently sought Japanese room dividers and screens. Otherwise, you can search for top shoji screens on various consumer driven review sites. You will probably find that previous clients have provided feedback on the expertise, creativity, and overall satisfaction from their experience in hiring top craftsmen.

Another way to complete your search is by using online bookmarking sites to browse through landscapers portfolios. For example, pinterest can be used to search Japanese shoji screens and designs to find someone that captures the look and style that you prefer for your home. As users upload their favorite images, you can begin to catalog some of the creative design ideas to share with your interior designer.

With your short list of the top shoji screen craftsmen and your online research, you may want to schedule an initial discussion to see what options you have. They will want to know what the must have features are for your home as you begin to discuss other potential details. As part of your discussions, you will need to discuss delivery and installation scheduling and associated budgets, and their availability. Regardless of which company you select, you will need to lock in the schedule well in advance to get the design you are looking for.

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