How You Should Plan a Funeral Service

February 10, 2022


If a loved one passed away recently, you may be in charge of planning the funeral service. This is often a difficult time for the whole family. If done correctly, it can serve as a beautiful reminder of the deceased’s life.

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Here are some things to keep in mind when planning the funeral.

Many people choose to pre-plan funerals so they do not have to worry about it in the days following their loved one’s death. You will sit down with a funeral director and talk about what type of service you are looking for. Would you like a direct cremation? A direct burial? Do you want a traditional funeral service at a church or funeral home?

After that you need to decide on a casket or urn and discuss where the graveside service should be conducted. There is also the financial side to consider, as funerals can be quite expensive. A funeral director is best equipped to help you handle these tough questions. You should have a second family member with you, if possible, to support you emotionally through the process.

If you can, plan a funeral for a loved one in advance. This will make the time of mourning easier on you and your family.


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