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How You Can Now Rent a London Apartment With a Prince George Connection

July 10, 2015


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Are you absolutely enthralled by the British Royal Family?

If so, you might want to consider moving to London — as there’s a new royal apartment set to go up for rent soon.

According to a June 24 People article, officials are now making renovations to an area of St. James’s Palace, which is located just around the corner from the chapel where Prince George had his christening ceremony in 2013.

Royal finance officials revealed that Apartment 29a, located at the corner of Marlborough Road and Cleveland Row, is going to become the first of many royal pads in St. James’ palace to be rented out. The palace is viewing renting out its luxury city apartments as a way to maximize its income.

“We are looking at where we can commercially let properties that are on the estate, and are close but outside the secure cordon, where we can realize greater value,” a source said at a recent palace briefing.

St. James’ Palace has a rich history behind its red brick walls. For hundreds of years, this building has been the official residence of the sovereign of the United Kingdom, even though Queen Elizabeth doesn’t count it as her principal residence. The Tudor-style palace, originally built by Henry VIII himself, is the most senior royal palace in the UK. Today, its royal residents include the Princess Royal and Princess Beatrice of York.

In addition to being within walking distance of the Chapel Royal, anyone who resides in Apartment 29a will have none other than Queen Elizabeth herself as a neighbor. St. James’ Palace is just a short walk away from Buckingham Palace!

It’s a city apartment in the heart of London that has an unparalleled touch of royal history — who wouldn’t want to live here?

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