How to Replace Your Homes Gas Water Heater

September 1, 2022


Hot water is an important component of any comfortable home. If your water heater is on the fritz or completely broken, it’s important to replace it with a new unit to avoid the discomfort of cold showers and other inconveniences.

First, check your old tank for important information such as size and energy specifications.

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Then, you’ll want to check the venting in your house. Next, check your home’s water pressure using a water gauge on an outdoor spigot, looking for an ideal PSI of fifty to sixty. If your reading is higher than eighty, you might consider installing a pressure-reducing valve.

Now it’s time to remove your old unit. It is essential to turn off the gas before proceeding. Then, use a wrench to disconnect the gas pipe from the control valve and detach the venting. Next, drain the old tank into buckets or a drain. Running hot water in your home will help speed up this process. Afterward, you can disconnect the tank from any pipes and clear it away.

With your new unit, set up a drain pan to avoid any flooding. Install the discharge pipe and reattach your water lines. Finally, fill the tank again and reconnect the gas lines.

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