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How to Move to a Simplistic Way of Living

August 2, 2017


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There is a current trend around simplistic living. Simplistic living translates to a more carefree and simple life, based on very few belongings. The person may choose to live in a smaller home with minimal items. They may choose to bike to work, rather than owning a vehicle. The idea is that, with a simple life, you can focus on things that really matter. Whether you want to jump right into the true meaning of simplistic living or you just want to make minor changes for a simpler life, these tips will help you achieve simplicity.

De clutter your home
Having too many belongings within your home can be overwhelming. It is more difficult to find items and harder to keep your house clean. If your home is filled with items that you rarely use, consider moving them to storage or getting rid of them altogether. Donating them to a local charitable organization can ensure that they are used and that they do not end up in a landfill somewhere. If the idea of de cluttering your home is too much, start with just one room or closet. Once you finish one area of the house, the rest will seem easier.

Frequently go through your closet
Americans consume nearly 20 billion garments a year. That is 68 garments and 7 pairs of shoes per person or more than one piece of clothing purchased per week. Although there is nothing wrong with shopping for new clothing items, these clothing items are often unneeded. It seems that the more clothing you have in your closet, the harder it is to pick something to wear. Stick to the basics. Before you purchase a new clothing item, choose one to donate clothes to Red Cross. American Red Cross clothing donations help those in need and it will make you consider whether or not you really need that new clothing item.

Get rid of unused household items
The same idea behind clothes donations should apply to all of your household items. Do you have a blender that you purchased with good intention years ago, but have only used once? It may be time to get rid of it. Donate it to the American Red Cross clothing donations center. You can donate more than clothing to these charitable organizations. For 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, the American Red Cross provides relief for families and communities in the form of blankets, food, blood, and shelter. Your household donations help to raise money for these additional needs. You can even arrange a Red Cross pickup for larger household items.

Donate your used vehicle
Whether you have upgraded your vehicle, or you have decided to rely solely on public transportation, donating your vehicle is a great way to remove the burden of personal automobile ownership. In many cases, you can receive tax benefits for your vehicle donation. Your donation to your selected charity is tax deductible for the value of the items you donate. Donating a working vehicle can provide you with substantial tax benefits. Arrange an American Red Cross clothing donations pickup for your used clothing donations and the donation of your vehicle.

Simplistic living, also known as minimalist living, is the idea of living a life with only your basic needs. It is a great way to focus on more important parts of life and to not get caught up in materialistic wants and needs. Additionally, when you donate clothes, you are helping out local charitable organizations. The American Red Cross clothing donations centers provides support to people in many ways, and your donations help them to serve this purpose.

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