How to Hire a Reliable Residential Roofing Service for Your Home

October 5, 2022


Roof replacement is a crucial decision to make. You need a contractor that will perform a roofing service and will get the job done right. But do you know how to ensure they don’t cheat? Provided that you’re going to replace your roofing once in your lifetime?

Don’t be a victim of this, so here’s everything you need to know about common cheating practices of roofing service contractors.

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How do Roofing Scams Happen?

Be aware of these roofing service scams that you should avoid.

1. Low Starting Bid

Some contractors will offer you a very low price. A price that is lower than other competitors in the area. However, as the roofing service work begins, the low price would lead to unforeseen issues.

2. Storm Chaser

Victims can be easy prey for opportunistic contractors after a big storm. They will go to your residence and offer to replace or repair your roof that appears to be damaged.

3. Insurance Fraud

There are a few ways that the contractor will attempt to have insurance fraud. It’s when they submit two invoices; a low invoice to the homeowner and a more substantial invoice to the insurance company.

4. Cheap Materials

There are contractors that will increase their profit by charging you much. You’ll pay high, only to find out the materials are cheap. .

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