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How to Find Charity Foundations Worth Donating To

January 22, 2015


Helping families in need

If you’re like most people, you’ve likely heard about charities in your area, but you haven’t been sure about how or where to donate to them. Many people hesitate in donating because they don’t know enough about what their local charity organizations do, or perhaps they want to ensure first that the money will go to the people who need it most. While these are perfectly legitimate concerns to have about giving to charity, there are ways to find out more about what those charities do, so you’ll know whether or not to give to them.

First, figure out which groups in your area that charity helps. For the most part, charities tend to focus on helping those who are disadvantaged in some way. Some will help anyone who is homeless or struggling to make ends meet. Other charity foundations may deal with specific clients, such as children or veterans.

Next, take a look at the types of donations a charity accepts. Local charity foundations use their donations to sponsor programs for helping families in need or serving other local populations (veterans, the homeless, the disabled, etc.). Monetary donations tend to be the most common form of help requested, but others look for tangible items, such as gently used clothing donations or household goods.

After that, you’ll want to determine the type of work a charity does. Some give items directly to those people who use that charity’s programs. If there is an excess amount of donated items, then they may be sold at local secondhand stores or recycled to help the environment. Above all, a charity should be focused on helping people first, so make sure that they live up to their mission statement before you give.

Finally, figure out the ways in which that charity looks for help. Charity foundations often host fundraisers in order to get donors interested in the services they offer. Others may sponsor local events or host donation drives in order to further their charitable goals. You should look for charities that are transparent about their finances, but if you can’t find that information, then you should make sure that they’re focused on helping first before throwing lavish parties.

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