How to Find a Surrogate Woman

October 24, 2023


Selecting a surrogate is one of the most essential factors in the process of becoming parents for couples who are unable to carry their own children. In a short video produced by ConceiveAbilities, several women discuss why they became surrogate mothers. Some surrogates choose to carry babies repeatedly to help infertile couples.

“I carry for others who can’t” is a common theme among surrogate women. Many experience a deep sense of duty because they have good health and can easily carry babies to term.

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They carry because they have already been mothers and wives. One woman says she is also a midwife and identifies as a surrogate.

It takes courage to become a surrogate because these women have no idea what the outcome will be when they enter into a surrogate contract. They carry their children to dinner. They carry their children to bed every night. They have courage because they want to give infertile couples the greatest gift that anyone can ever give them.

Yet others want to improve the world by giving people what they need when they are down. What makes a surrogate repeatedly carry the children of others? It’s the look on parents’ faces when their babies are finally placed in their arms. If you are unsure about surrogacy, you’ll learn that these women are sincere in helping you.

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