How to Estimate Your Cost for Dumpster Rentals

September 13, 2022


Whether you’re tackling a major renovation or have a ton of waste after a long-overdue home cleaning session, a dumpster rental can be a convenient solution for you and your family. Many homeowners are not equipped with a vehicle large enough to haul this amount of waste, and multiple trips to the dump can extend the timeline of your project. A dumpster rental can be delivered directly to your door, saving you valuable time and energy. But how much should you expect to budget for dumpster rentals?

When you rent a dumpster, the initial rental fee covers, not only the unit you receive, but the disposal of all of the materials placed inside as well. This can add major value to your investment.

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There are a number of key factors used to determine the rate you are charged.

The first thing to consider is the size of the dumpster. Some can be found as large as 20 yards for your most intense projects. As expected, the larger the dumpster, the more expensive it will be. Another consideration is the length of your rental. A shorter rental period will be cheaper. The weight of your waste will also drive up your cost to rent.

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