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How to Choose the Right Catholic School for My Child

May 25, 2022


Private schools have always been the topic of interest for many parents whose kids are in school. According to the Council for American Private Education (CAPE), in the United States, 34,576 private schools serve 5.7 million kids in grades PK–12. This being said, 10% of all students in grades PK–12 go to private schools, which make up 25% of all schools in the country.

If you are a Catholic parent and want your kid to get an excellent Catholic education, it may be hectic choosing the right school in your area. There is a lot of advice to help you make an educated decision. However, certain aspects can assist you in your quest for school selection. Here are certain things you should consider when weighing different local Catholic schools to give your child the best education possible.

Know About the School’s Philosophy and Academic Program

Before choosing a school, you should consider the academic standards of the school, its enrollment standards, and how it can meet your child’s needs in terms of admission, curriculum, and more. The school philosophy should align with your expectations. Please note that a Catholic education will have different philosophies, however, they all have one thing in common: they embrace faith formation through all aspects of the learning experience.

Schools Should Align to Their Prospective Catholic Identity

Academically excellent schools can promote academic excellence and provide a well-rounded learning experience. The school’s curriculum and the quality of the teachers will determine how beneficial your child’s education will be. It is essential to keep the child’s academic performance in mind and ensure that their school provides a challenging yet nurturing environment.

Catholic Education Should Promote the Teaching of Faith, Values, Principles, And Morals

The curriculum should be aligned with your child’s Catholic identity and help them learn about faith through religion classes. Many schools offer religious education as an after-school activity while some provide it during the whole day. The school’s curriculum should promote faith values and principles, which is the aim of Catholic education.

Local Catholic schools in your area may be able to meet your child’s academic needs. However, they may not always be able to meet all of your expectations. Therefore, it is crucial to plan and budget in advance to ensure that you can select the right school for your child. To prepare for choosing a local Catholic school, you must determine the type of education your child wants. Also, you need to identify their areas of strength and weaknesses. Moreover, you will need to determine your budget and prioritize your expectations. Then you can find the right school with a philosophy that compliments yours.

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