How to Choose a Day Care for My Infant

April 20, 2022


You might be ready to go back to work after spending time with your infant for a few months, but which day care should you choose? In this video, this expert gives you advice on what to look for when choosing a daycare for your infant. You want the best for your child, so you should consider all of these factors before choosing where to send your child daily.

You should look out for their health and safety. Before you enroll your infant in a local daycare, ask for a tour of the place and ask them how they make sure all of the infants and children are safe.

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What does nap time look like? Do they make sure there is nothing in the crib except for a pacifier? It’s important that your child’s safety is their number one priority.

How many caregivers are there when compared to the number of infants? You should make sure that your child will have that individual time with them. That one-on-one time can be really helpful. Watch this entire video to hear all of the tips this expert has on how you can find the right daycare for your child.


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