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How Spring Cleaning Supports Your Community

February 26, 2014


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The average American throws away an estimated 68 pounds of clothing and textiles each year, but only an estimated 15.3% of all clothing and textiles thrown away in the United States are found for recycling and repurposing.

Are you taking on a spring cleaning project this fall? Most of us tackle our closets on our “to do” list when the seasons change, so why not donate them? Local clothing donations not only help you make extra space in your closets, but also help community members in need. Most donations for non-profits help the homeless as well as military families and veterans.

Many local clothing donations focus their attention on helping disabled veterans through veterans clothing donations. The unemployment rate for veterans is 2% higher than it is for the rest of the national average. By contributing to these types of local charities, you are helping to put clothing on the backs of people who truly need it.

Research shows that an estimated 70% of Americans donate to charity at least once annually. Did you know that when you donate clothes, you are actually able to write them off the same way you would a monetary charitable donation? You’re helping others and helping yourself at the same time.

Finally, supporting local clothing donations helps our environment. If people buy used clothing instead of new, fewer new clothes need to be made. This saves the resources used to create new textiles.

No matter what your reasoning for contributing to local clothing donations, you will undoubtedly feel a sense of pride and accomplishment after doing so.

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