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How Senior Living Communities Can Help Encourage Winter Health Among Residents

December 17, 2014


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At any senior living community, it’s a top priority to ensure the health and happiness of all residents so they can enjoy their retirement years to the fullest.

And during the winter months, when the mercury drops and the temperature becomes ever more frigid, seniors’ health is at its most vulnerable — which is why all senior communities need to take a series of crucial steps to keep their residents feeling their best.

Here are three of the best ways that America’s senior living communities can work to ensure the health of their residents throughout the often-harsh winter months:

Encourage residents to get the flu shot

The flu kills millions of Americans each year. And at senior living communities, where residents come into contact with a large number of people each day, it’s especially important to take preventive steps against the flu. Encourage your residents to get the flu shot early on in the season; you can rent a bus that will bring them to a flu shot clinic, or bring the clinic right to your door. Either way, no one should go without the vaccine this winter.

Take action against SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) — or the feeling of increased depression and anxiety due to the winter’s shorter days and lack of sunlight — affects a great deal of people, and especially senior citizens. If you notice residents who are showing less activity and a worsening of their mood, it might be time to invest in some UV lighting that can simulate natural sunlight and help your residents ward off SAD with an extra boost of Vitamin D.

Be sure all residents dress warmly

Did you know that an astonishing 50% of all hypothermia-related deaths take place among the senior citizen population? Even when one of your senior living apartments’ residents is indoors, he or she can become a victim to the falling temperatures. Be sure to inform residents about the importance of dressing warmly, with lots of layers, and of keeping blankets nearby at all times. This is especially important for seniors who are in an independent living program, as these residents aren’t supervised as much.

Have any other questions about how seniors can maintain their best health in senior living facilities this winter? Share your queries and thoughts with us in the comments below! Continue.

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