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How Real Estate Agents Help When Choosing a Home

December 8, 2017


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Buying a house is one of the biggest transactions a person makes in their life. Some folks believe they save more money and get a better price without the help of a real estate agent. This is a misconception. When searching for a new place to call home, it pays to have a professional help. They can find the best areas that match one’s needs and negotiate a lower price. Read on to learn more about the benefits of working with a real estate agent.

They Help First-Time Buyers

Folks that are first-time house buyers have additional questions about buying a house. They may not be aware of what to look for, how negotiation works, or the ins and outs associated with home buying. Over 30% of folks looking to purchase are considered first-time home buyers. This is perfectly normal since everyone starts out as a new buyer. To help make the process less intimidating, real estate agents can help locate the ideal home for customers. They can sort through issues such as being near good schools, work, or in a neighborhood that is walkable (something over 50% of millennials are looking for when purchasing a house). This means the only homes that are viewed are ones that meet specified criteria.

Agents Are Experienced in Negotiation

Negotiating a house is a time-consuming process. Rather than going back and forth, with an increased risk of losing to another offer, let a professional help get the right place. Real estate agents are skilled in working with both buyers and sellers to make a sale that benefits everyone. Over 75% of people who use a real estate agent found theirs to be a wealth of information regarding purchasing and walking them through every step of the way as they acquire their house.

Used or New, There Are Options

Sometimes buying a used house in not in the cards for folks. Over 45% of people who are shopping for a house look for one that has not been used or lived in ever. Sometimes people think this is an impossible goal to achieve since they don?t want to build a home from scratch. However, there are homes that were built and never lived in. When looking for a house for sale, the agent is aware of the home?s history and can provide details about what to expect. They also narrow down choices between the type of desired home and the neighborhood the potential buyer wants to live in.

When looking for a new house, it becomes confusing when trying to decide where to live. A qualified real estate agent is there to make the process easier and assist folks in finding the right house for them. This may be a house that has never been lived in. They also help buyers who are new to the process and appreciate guidance. Finally, they make the negotiation process simple. When searching for a home, don?t underestimate the assistance a qualified agent can provide in finding a house.

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