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How Many Hours of Sleep Did You Get Last Night?

October 17, 2018


It may seem like a pretty unusual fundraiser, but this is the ninth year in the row that the local high school band has been selling spring box mattresses. Because people are advised to replace their mattress every seven to 10 years, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of families who are looking for a replacement every year. Knowing that the local band can earn funds from these purchases means that there are a number of people who are willing to make their purchases when the fund raising season comes around.

When was the last time that you were able to get a good night’s sleep? If you are not getting the rest that you need it might be time to replace the mattress on your bed. An old and worn mattress can keep you from getting the rest that you need, so it is important to make a substantial investment in an item that is used almost more than anything else in your home.

Whether you like to sleep on a kingsize mattress or you are looking for twin size mattresses for the children, there are many mattress stores that you can choose from. It is important, though, no mater what size of mattress that you need to find that you invest in the best one that you can afford. A comfortable mattress allows people of all age to get the best night’s rest that is possible.
Finding the Right Mattress Can Help You Prepare for Your Next Day

There are a number of spring box mattresses, so it is important to find the one that works the best for you. Finding the one that feels the most comfortable to you can help you start the next day full of energy. Research indicates that most adults typically need between seven and nine hours of sleep every night, although some people require ten, and some can get by with only only six hours of sleep.

Although only 47% of Americans report sleeping on a comfortable mattress, over 90% of them indicate that a comfortable mattress is vital for good sleep. If you are one of these Americans who are saying one thing about the importance of a good mattress, but are not following through on making a purchase, it might be time to change your ways. By making a quality mattress purchase you are making an investment in yourself!

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