How Can Audiologists Help Your Child?

April 23, 2024


An audiologist is a professional that helps with hearing and hearing problems. The video shows the journey of a child having a visit to the audiologist. But how can an audiologist help a child or young person?

Any parent concerned about their child’s hearing, speech, or communication may be referred to an audiologist. The audiologist will perform a series of hearing tests on the child. They will then report on these and suggest the next steps, including possible treatment, therapies, or hearing aids.

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Children may be anxious about seeing an audiologist. Pediatric audiologists are aware of this and will do everything they can to set the young person’s mind at rest. There may be toys and snacks available, and the tests will be positioned as listening games to make them less daunting.

Uncovering hearing issues early gives children the best chance of getting the right treatment. Children with the right support may recover their hearing or get the right accessories to help them. Parents can discover if they need to start learning ASL or another sign language to support their child.

Many hearing problems are entirely treatable. Always see an audiologist at the first sign of hearing loss. It’s the best choice for both the child and the rest of the family.

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