How an Urgent Care Visit Works

May 3, 2022


If you’ve ever experienced an accident and needed to get checked out fast, you probably went to either an urgent care or an emergency clinic. So, what is the difference between the two? Tune in to watch this video to find out!

If you have a medical issue and you cannot wait a few weeks to see your healthcare provider, an urgent care center is where you’ll want to go. This could be for many reasons such as sprains, common colds, and even testing and vaccinations for covid or the flu. Although it is recommended that you visit your primary care doctor just once a year, unexpected situations can arise, leading you to your nearest urgent care clinic.

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Urgent care centers can see patients of any age. Whether an infant needs to get checked out or a patient in their 80s, you don’t need an appointment and can walk right in. In most cases, urgent care will cost you a loss less than going to an emergency room. One big difference between the emergency room and urgent care is that the emergency room is good for patients who believe their problems are life-threatening. This could be chest pain or difficulty breathing to a broken bone that has broken skin.


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