How A Porcelain Tile is Different From A Ceramic Tile

March 23, 2022


In homes across the world you can find porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. The average person might choose what type of tile they want based on what looks better, but there are working benefits to each. In this article, we are going to discuss how a porcelain tile is different from a ceramic tile.

For starters porcelain tiles are denser which makes them more durable than their ceramic counterparts. This fact allows porcelain to be used in more places than ceramic tiles, for example, ceramic tiles need to avoid areas with a lot of water.

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When it comes time to make changes on the outside of your home, porcelain is going to be a clear choice because it can handle the wear that ceramic can’t.

When it comes time to decorate the inside of your home there are a couple of areas where porcelain is going to once again outshine ceramic. Porcelain is going to be better suited for the floors because once again it is more durable. You will also notice that porcelain does not scratch as easily as ceramic. All in all, the durability of porcelain gives the tiles many benefits over ceramic tiles.


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