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Home Essentials to Consider for Your Retirement

July 11, 2015


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When you begin the process of looking for a new home, the first thing to consider is where you want to live. You might look at property listings in your chosen area, or maybe go straight to a Realtor. Your dream home essentials likely include a preferred number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and perhaps specify whether you want a single-family home, or absolutely must have a condo.

The moving into a new home checklist you should be making, especially for those already in or nearing retirement, would look a bit different. Below are three new home essentials to consider.

Recreational Opportunities Participating in a few personal pastimes on a consistent basis has been associated with greater levels of happiness in retirees. Those who have one or two leisure activities report lower levels of satisfaction with their retirement. These activities can be as peaceful as fresh water fishing, or as thrilling as boating on a sunny day. What matters is finding something enjoyable, and doing it regularly.

Exercise You may be thinking, “How could exercise possibly be considered a home essential?” The reasoning is simple: maintaining your health is the biggest factor in having an enjoyable life during your retirement; a recently conducted survey found 81% of retirees agree. How can you maintain your health while still living a relaxed lifestyle? It’s easy. For those of moderate fitness aged 65 and older, an average of two hours and thirty minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week is recommended, with two sessions of mild weight training. Moderate activity is viewed by the ‘talk test’. If you can talk comfortably, but not sing, while engaging in your chosen aerobic activity you are fulfilling a recommendation for healthy living. So if you love the outdoors, a leisurely walk with friends a few times a week can keep you healthy and happy.

Social Opportunities We’ve established that it will be beneficial to remain active during retirement, in leisure activities and physically. It’s important to consider the social opportunities that will be available as well. Retirement living can mean a vibrant community when the right amenities are offered.

There is much more to buying a house than the number of beds and baths. Consider as well the home essentials that make it yours.

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