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Home Decor In The United States

August 7, 2018


All aspects of the home are important, from your exterior features such as a porch, gravel driveway, or even a grill, to your furniture that you choose for each room of your home. The interior design of your home is critical as well, as it is an important way not only to represent your personality, but to make your home environment as welcoming and warm and possible. The decor that you choose for your house can be key in cultivating the tone of your house or apartment and often happens over a period of time. However, it can be difficult to decorate your living space in the way that you want if you also have to stick to a budget. And for most of us, sticking to a budget is non negotiable and we only have a limited amount of money to spend – especially if we just funneled a good portion of it onto the purchase of the house in the first place, as well as furniture and other items to place throughout the house, such as essentials like cleaning products and other necessities for living in your new home and not just existing in it.

Decorating your home is important, and furniture will make up a huge part of this. The first part that you must do is, of course, find the furniture that you like and buy it. You will want to set aside a good chunk of your budget to do this, as data has shown that, in recent years, furniture is one of the most expensive things that home owners today buy, third only behind the purchase of cars as well as the purchase of the house itself, of course. Choosing the right couch, for instance, is key, as it is a piece of furniture that can truly help to tie the room together. On top of this, most people want their couches and other important pieces of furniture that are long lasting and will not require replacement every few years. This means that you will need to choose furniture that not only looks fashionable and matches the style that you are going for for your home, but you should also choose pieces of furniture, such as the couch, that will provide a solid function and will last as long as you want them to, even as many as ten to fifteen years if they are taken care of well.

Rugs are another important feature of any room that can provide form as well as function, particularly if you have hardwood or tile floors that are likely to get cold during winter months. A rug can also help to tie a room together as well, so to speak. In order to do this, however, it is key that the rug be properly placed for the optimal stylish effect on the room – and even on the house as a whole. The recommended way to place a large rug in a room such as a living room or a bedroom (though really any room in your house at all) is to keep at least twelve inches of original floor space on each side of the rug, providing a visual contrast that draws the visitor into the room.

An interior decoration professional will also advise wall hangings for various rooms in your house – or even your apartment or your condo, though you will naturally have less space to work with in these homes. Wall art can range greatly from family to family, from home to home. For instance, some people will keep pictures of their family as the primary focus in rooms throughout the house. Though there is certainly a large range of things that you can hang on the walls of your home, it is ideal to keep your art hung at eye level, which can be as many as sixty inches from the floor, but is typically no less than fifty four inches from the floor (though this is just an estimate, as you will not know the heights of every guest that you invite into your home. Keeping it general here is likely a good idea, and it is advised to go with the average).

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