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From Steeples to Pews, Bringing the Church Home

May 23, 2016



There is just something about churches that has a calming or comforting effect on so many people. Perhaps it is because people know that it can be a place of sanctuary, or that it is meant to be a place of peace and connection. Even for those who have no religious beliefs or interest in the church as an institution, the impressive physical structures and their intricate architecture can often garner awe and appreciation. This is part of the reason that church steeple pictures, framed in homes as art, are such popular pieces.

Church steeple pictures and church furniture adorning homes
You do not have to be religious to appreciate the pleasant aesthetic value of a church or its elements. In fact many people have used church steeple pictures, antique church pews, and other church furniture to decorate and furnish their homes for a unique feel. And for those who do have religious beliefs, having those elements in the home carries a significant meaning, connection, and even a reminder of certain aspects of their faith. Either way, adding these types of items to your home can make for a stunning look.

How are church elements integrated into the home?
When you picture a church, it may be difficult to envision just how any of the individual pieces would fit in a home setting. But with the right eye for style and with a true hand for design one would be able to integrate them seamlessly, for a polished look that does not make walking into the house feel like walking into a church.

  • Steeple art
    Using steeples as a form of art is always eye-catching. The unique architectural design of the point rising high into the sky, with a backdrop of a gorgeous sunset or an emerald canopy of trees, or even set against the busy buildings of a city, can add a beautiful touch to a living room or foyer.
  • Church pews
    Pews have seen an interesting evolution over the years. Back in the early churches, there was no seating. Instead, congregations stood and mingled. Pews were not introduced until the 13th century, when the sermon became the focal part of the Christian service. And now, pews are having their time not only in modern churches, but in modern homes as bench seating in entryways or additions to that breakfast nook in the dining area.
  • Smaller elements
    Any number of things can be made into useful or decorative home elements. Candles are always a pleasant accent. Taking old hymnals that are no longer being used and transforming them can be interesting pieces. Any number of websites can give you good arts and crafts ideas and tutorials for turning old books into new things like hidden boxes or picture frames.

Everyone wants their home to have the perfect feel that fits their style and contains those eye-catching accents that can become conversation pieces. Why not add a bit of the church for a unique feel?

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