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From Costs to Care, Here are Four Categories to Consider When Evaluating a Senior Living Community

August 25, 2014


Senior living communities

There are currently approximately one million senior citizens residing in senior living facilities in the United States — and many more are poised to join them. Over the next two decades, over 77 million Baby Boomers will retire, and many of them could end up in a senior assisted living facility. The decision to move into assisted living can be a complex one, and these individuals in need of care or even a simpler lifestyle have to weigh the pros and cons.

Assisted living costs can vary depending on facility, too: some assisted living costs can be taken care of on a fixed income, while other senior living communities can be incredibly pricey. If you are considering a move to an assisted living facility for yourself or a loved one, here are some features and criteria to consider before the move:

Before moving into a senior living community, determining a budget is a necessary first step. Assisted living costs can cover anything from the basic to the lavish, so looking at retirement funds, social security payments, and other sources of income is your best bet a developing a budget. In general, however, these facilities can be incredibly cost effective for seniors because they minimize the number of bills to pay each month.

Some assisted living facilities look more like day spas than the senior communities of old: they include pools, personal massage therapists, yoga studios, iPads for residents, and food prepared by world class chefs. Other facilities, however, may go the more basic route: room, meals, and medical care are included in the price. Depending on your livelihood and budget, you can select the appropriate facility based on their offerings.

Seniors’ activity levels vary by person, so there’s no right or wrong way to receive care in a senior living community. Some seniors may find that they need round the clock care, especially if they have mobility issues. Others may just need extra help keeping their personal space clean. It’s crucial to consider the level of care you need before you move into a senior living facility, so you’ll know that you’re getting what you need to keep you healthy.

Personal considerations
Preferences for senior programs are up to the individual. Where some residents might be okay with a more mellow atmosphere, others may thrive on group interactions and road trips with other seniors. Just as cost and care are essential, so is considering your personal preferences when it comes to choosing a senior community. Be sure to visit to get a good idea of how much you will like it there.

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