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From College to Finding Their Heart-Home The Reasons Why Americans Move so Often

August 15, 2017


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There are a variety of reasons why people choose to move. Whether they want to be closer to family and friends, their college campus, or a new job, about 43 million Americans relocate every year.

The average American will likely move at least a dozen times over the course of their lifetime. About 33% of adults in their 20s will actually move within a given year. A recent survey showed the following reasons that individuals choose or need to move:

    <.li>Work: 40%
  • Personal moves: 42%
  • Military or government relocations: 18%

When individuals are in the process of obtaining a college education, they are more likely to move to a new area. Recent figures show that 77% of college graduates have lived in a new community at least once while obtaining their education.

When adults have a high school diploma or less, 56% will usually move at least once throughout their lifetime. College graduates, however, will often live in multiple states while attending college, graduate school, and launching their career.

It’s interesting to note that roughly half of all moves occur during the summer. Chances are that this is due to people being in school or having school-aged children in the home. The most common times to move during the summer months are from the beginning of May to Labor Day in September.

Whether they rent a house or apartment, renters tend to move more often than homeowners. The survey showed that every year, 33% of renters move for a variety of reasons.

Were you aware that many Americans will never leave their hometowns? Over 63% have moved to a new community at least once during their lives; however, 37% have never chosen to leave their hometowns.
These individuals will often remain near home because they have close relatives or extended family that live within an hour’s drive.

While about 57% of adults haven’t lived outside their current home state, 15% have resided in at least 4 different states. Adults that live in multiple states may do so for a variety of reasons, which includes searching for a place that feels like home.

Over 23% of the survey participants stated that they’re not currently living in their “heart home.” As a result, they may explore living in 2 or more different communities to find a place that feels like home. This was the case for 38% of the survey participants that were searching for a place where they truly wanted to settle down.

Are you planning to move in the near future? Whether it’s to attend college, begin a new career, be closer to family, or to finally live in a community that feels like home, using a commercial moving service can assist you with this process. When you’re planning to relocate to another area, it makes sense to use a commercial moving service to streamline the process.

Not only can professional movers save you time and effort, a commercial moving service can take the stress out of moving. Furthermore, since all of your belongings will be there when you arrive, it will be easier to settle in and enjoy your new home.

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