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Four Tips to Clean Out Your Closet

August 22, 2018


There is nothing wrong with being a lover of clothes—until your closet is bursting at the seams and your family is groaning about your domination of the available space in your home. Do not worry any longer, fashionista, because below are the best organization techniques to reign in that wardrobe.
1. Do you have a lot of shoes? Over-the-door closet organizers are best for the woman whose vice is footwear. These inexpensive, slim, and slightly organizers get your heels and flats off the floor and onto a neat, side-by-side display that shows you all the available options to pair with your ensemble. The over-the-door enclosed shoe storage can be purchased at most major retailers and mounted without hardware or tools. Most models can hold a couple dozen pairs of shoes.
2. Are you a seasonal fashion bug? Do not let your sweaters hang on traditional clothing hangers all summer long! Your precious chunky knits, plush cashmeres, and cozy wools will be distorted and odd-looking after sitting on a hanger for months on end. If your wardrobe changes with the months, look into cube storage ideas. Cube storage is, well, exactly that. They’re stackable cubical closet organizers that sit right on the floor in your closet or in your bedroom and can keep your folded, out of season clothing safe until it is time to bust out the autumn threads. The modular cube storage blocks come in a fun variety of colors and patterns at most major retailers.
3. Are you seriously lacking in the closet space department? Are you desperate for a condo organizer or a dorm room solution? Have no fear, clothing queen, because you can still clean up your clutter in the tiniest of apartments. There are endless options for making the most of the space you have got, including staggered hangers—these hangers essentially hang on each other and can fractionalize the amount of space taken up on your closet rail. You can also explore under the bed storage, which has many options: you can buy a vacuum sealer and pack-and-stash the clothes that you only need once in a blue moon, or find out about slender totes that can be easily dragged out from under your bed frame.
4. Do you have closet organizers left and right, but are still brimming with mountains of clothes? Here is a tip on weeding out your closet when it physically pains you to throw out unwanted threads: at the beginning of a season—summer, winter, fall—hang all the clothes that you would wear that season with the hooks backwards. That is, the curve of the hook is on the backside of the rail where you cannot see it. When you wear a garment, wash it, and rehang it, hang the clothing hanger like normal, with the curved part of the hanger facing you. At the end of the season, if there is any clothing whose hooks are still backwards, you did not wear the garment all season and it is time to give it a new home.
The only thing better than having a huge, magnificent wardrobe is having enough closet organizers to go with it! Between cube organizers, mounted storage, and under the bed space to be used, there are endless possibilities for making the most of your closet space. Good luck, and happy organizing!

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