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Five Out of Home Eldercare Options

January 23, 2016


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The progression of scientific discovery has had some profound effects on modern man, not the least of which on health. As a result of modern medicine and understanding of appropriate nutrition, people have a much longer life expectancy in most developed nations. This is certainly true in America, where life expectancy has increased by 14.5 years since 1960, hovering at 83.5 years at present. Doubtless, it will keep its upward trajectory for the foreseeable future, which is a positive, but this will mean even more elderly people in out society that need care. This can be confusing to friends and family who are involved in the decision-making process about what level of eldercare services will meet the need of the person. To alleviate the confusion, here are the five kinds senior care services that take place outside of the family home.

    Senior Day Care Facilities: These facilities are respite care, allowing the primary caregiver to go to work, run errands, or simply have some much-needed downtime. It can be a blessing to the senior involved too, providing social interaction and a break from their caregiver. Senior Day Care Facilities fall into three categories: those that emphasize social interaction, those that have medical care capabilities and those that provide Dementia related care.
  1. Continuing Care Retirement Communities: These are eldercare facilities that offer services on a variety of levels for residents of varying independence. This means that if a person enters these facilities almost completely independent, but later health issues make that impossible, that person can simply move to a different part of the facility instead of to a new part of town.
  2. Assisted Living: These are services for those that can generally meet their own needs, but require some care, often in the form of meals. These communities are a good resource because of the emphasis on social interaction, an often unmet need for many seniors.
  3. Nursing Homes These facilities provide round the clock medical care, meals and housekeeping. Quality places will offer activities and social events to keep the mind active and happy.
  4. Hospice Care: Hospice serves only one demographic: those who are terminally ill. It can take place either in the family home or within the Hospice Facility. The decisions are left the patient and their family, allowing a more dignified death.

No adult wants to let go of their ability to live independently, but as people get older, it is often more a necessity than a choice, and it can be a choice that must be made a number of times. For example, those that only need senior day care facilities may need more care at a later date. At least, with ample research, the decision can be made wisely and calmly.

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