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Finding Farm Land For Sale Has Seldom Been Easier — What to Look For When Purchasing New Land

March 8, 2016


Southern plantations for sale

Land owners in search of a fly fishing ranch for sale might be in luck. It’s been nearly three decades since Ted Turner broke the mold by purchasing the infamous 100,000-plus acre Flying D Ranch, which is Southwest of Bozeman. Turner paid over $20 million for the ranch, which is a lot of money. In 1988, it was even more.

Finding farm lands for sale has never been particularly tricky, though certain areas of the country offer less of this real estate than others do. In particular, the whole “middle” of the United States is considered to be very land-rich. There are tons and tons of acres of spacious land which is suitable for any purpose. You’re less likely to find so many quality plots of land in the Northeast, for example, without paying a much higher premium for the acreage.

Americans love to buy and own land, too. In Montana, where the population is expected to grow by 14.1 percent between now and 2045, land is quickly becoming a hot commodity. Cattle ranches, farm property, and hunting land are popular in Montana. Many of the lands in the middle of the United States, particularly in the South and in the true-North (think of where the Dakotas are) are hotbeds for finding amazing plots of land. The land is more suited towards agriculture in these places than say, the West coast or the Northeast, where most of the land is already built on.

So, why the uptick in the hunt for new land? Well, as it turns out, it may tie into the popularity of things like fly fishing. Fly fishing itself is a moderately large industry, generating an annual revenue of around $750 million. The size of this market is impressive when you consider that most fly fishing is done by good, hardworking American landowners with a passion for tending their own lands.

If you’ve got the spare money and a passion for fly fishing, now might be the time to get in the hunt for some prime acreage. Take a look and see if you can find a fly fishing ranch for sale.

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