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Exploring the Perfect Craft Room Storage Ideas for Your Home and Hobbies

March 6, 2018


9 cube organizer

When you really take a step back to consider our species, it is quite amazing to fathom just how far we have come and what we are capable of. Imagination and innovation, paired with necessity and curiosity, have allowed us to continually adapt, develop, and advance. From humble beginnings during which our ancestors roamed the earth as nomads, to the lives we know today in sprawling cities filled with a complex variety of houses, things have certainly changed significantly. And chances are, they will not stop changing any time soon.

One major issue that most households face today that our early ancestors did not is the need for storage space. The average household has more possessions today than probably a handful of our ancestral families collectively did. Today, there are a number of creative ideas for home storage space.

Storage and organization furniture

Just about every homeowner would likely admit that they could use more storage space. Some people are much better than others at keeping their belongings down to the bare minimum of little more than necessities. Others have a hard time parting with anything, as so much of it has some sort of sentimental value or attachment. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, from minimalist to hoarder, it is always nice to know that you have places to put your things. Even if you do not consider yourself a neat freak, there are times when you are ready to put things away, and know exactly where you can find them.

One growing trend that is incredibly popular among those who have very little space to work with, but also for those who appreciate the utilization of every last inch of space, is the ability to use one piece of furniture in multiple ways. For example, there are kitchen islands that fold out to become a larger dining table, with the chairs tucking away completely when not in use. There is the oldie but goodie of the bed that folds into a couch. There are storage boxes and chests that double as extra seating, or even provide more table space or another bed. Having a piece of furniture that can multi task, doubling as storage or another useful piece, helps reduce clutter and bring more functionality to your space.

Craft room storage ideas for the creative types

It has been estimated that the average home in this country holds about 300,000 items. With that fact in mind, it really becomes no mystery why it seems we all seem to regularly lose or misplace things. There is so much to keep track of! Another estimate says that throughout a person’s life, he or she will spend 3,680 hours, or the equivalent of 153 days, looking for things that have bee misplaced. To look at it another way, every person tends to lose as many as nine things every single day, which adds up to 198,743 misplaced items over the course of a lifetime. Attempting to keep track of everything in the average household is a large enough task.

But consider what things look like in the home of an artist, or someone who indulges in crafting of some sort. Between tools, accessories, projects, and finished products, there is quite a bit more to find space for. Getting creative with your craft room storage ideas can often go hand in hand with the other projects you are working on. Coming up with the ideal craft room storage ideas is just the icing on the cake of your regular hobby.

Partaking in some sort of craft can be a great release and escape from the daily grind. It has been shown that crafting releases dopamine, and on top of that, imagine how much more accomplished you might feel with the perfect hobby room storage to organize it all. Experimenting with different craft room storage ideas could help you get those creative juices flowing, adding even more to your beneficial hobby.

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