Even The Most Experienced Roofers Can Make These Mistakes

June 2, 2022


There are so many things to remember when installing or repairing a roof. Roofs are much more complex than many people imagine. For this reason, many people fall into the trap of attempting to do their own roof repair or installation. However, armed with a little bit of knowledge, you can avoid some mistakes that even professionals make from time to time.

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The first mistake is nailing down nails too high up on the shingle. This is an issue because shingle overlap farther down. This means that the nail only nails down one shingle instead of two. This can make the shingles more flimsy and susceptible to wind and storm damage. This means that you may find yourself doing even more repairs later. Plus, these shingles that are not fastened well are also more likely to leak. This is because it is easier for water to get underneath the shingles. Therefore, make sure to place the nails a little farther down the shingle and not at the very top. Similarly, avoid placing nails too close to the edge of pipe flashing. This will cause similar issues. For more tips, watch the rest of this video.


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