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Essential Tips For Throwing The Best Sweet Sixteen, Graduation Or Birthday Party

May 4, 2017


Birthday parties can be a lot of fun to throw and be on the receiving end of as well. This is particularly true of older birthdays as those bigger numbers represent bigger and better milestones in life. Ones past 60 are especially meaningful to many people. If you are searching for specialized 65th birthday party supplies or special decor for bigger milestone birthdays like this it can become difficult to find in some places. One tip is to think outside the box in terms of decor and celebratory gifts.

By the time someone reaches these older years they have seen many birthdays come and go so making it special can be a challenge. Personalized gifts such as custom birthday t-shirt and other customizable gifts that you can find at a party supply store could be a great way to commemorate a special milestone birthday. The best accessories party supplies and gift ideas to give at a birthday party need to be special for the person and the milestone being celebrated. A little forethought and creativity can go a long way in making that next birthday one that they will always remember and treasure.

Nj party rentals

There’s nothing quite like throwing a party, birthday or fundraiser event. You get to invite a bunch of people for a fun afternoon or evening, conjure up a tasty menu and, best of all, decorate your given space to your heart’s content. When you’ve got so many different options and factors to take into account, though, it can be easy to lose sight of the fun part and go straight into stress zone. Luckily, party equipment rental stores are there to help. Providing everything from tent rentals to basic furniture and accessories, you can make sure the sweet sixteen or outdoor get-together is a delight from start to finish.

Sweet Sixteens And Birthdays

Birthday parties only come once per year. Why not make each one even more special than the last? Sweet sixteens are known for being some of the most lavish and engaging birthday parties out there, seeing budgets as low as $500 and as high as $25,000. These can be extremely formal or casual, with some larger affairs hiring DJs and hairstylists. Whatever your birthday party may be like, tent rentals can prove highly useful for outdoor settings. The last thing you want raining on your parade is…well, rain! Party tent rentals allow you some flexibility without entirely changing your plans, setting up your party to be a success.

Bar Mitzvahs And Graduations

Perhaps you’re throwing a Bar Mitzvah or graduation event instead. Both Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah celebrations have become more elaborate over each passing year, with industry estimates seeing the average coming of age party running an impressive $15,000 to $30,000 on average. Planning party involves all sorts of details, from invitations to location, and a little effort in each will make sure everyone’s having a good time once it’s time to have fun. An outdoor dance floor rental can give people plenty of space to mingle and let down their hair, while tent rentals can make sure they stay dry.

Weddings And Baby Showers

Wedding and party rentals see quite a bit of mileage. Since these events tend to attract a large amount of people, renting chairs and tables should be high on your to-do list. Chair and table rentals allow you to organize your spaces better and make sure everyone is properly compensated — remember to measure the space in-between each chair and table so people can still get up and move around. The average cost of a wedding back in 2012 was around $26,000, while wedding receptions ran more toward $14,000.

Furniture And Decorations

There’s no shame in needing some ideas. There’s a lot to choose from, after all! Beautiful light-up LED furniture is considered a must-have for many parties, BBQ’s and birthdays. They illuminate your evenings whether you’re outside or inside, creating a harmonious glow that can get people in the socializing mood. It also makes your event stand out from more conventional parties, a major plus if you’re thinking of making this a regular occurrence! Studies have shown graduation parties are often held outside, with backyards considered both formal and casual.

Throwing A Party To Remember

Got all that down? Let’s double-check. Tent rentals are a must-have for outdoor gatherings to prevent a little shower from ruining your hard work, while LED furniture can make any space positively beam with life. Chair and table rentals are useful for larger events that see many people sitting, standing and waiting, to boot, and you should always keep a planner close at hand so you don’t forget essential details. Last, but not least, jot down any allergies or alternative diets in your appetizers or main course so nobody is left out. Raring to go? You should be!


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