Easy Solutions for Common Air Conditioning Repair Issues

June 20, 2023


Many homeowners are surprised to discover that some air conditioning repair issues have easy solutions. The video in this article goes through the solutions in more depth, but we’ve provided a shortened version.

If the fan inside your house runs hot or at room temperature, and the unit outside doesn’t run, it may be due to a bad capacitor.

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Replacing the capacitor should fix the issue.

When your house isn’t cooling despite everything running, low refrigerant levels could be to blame. Try washing down the condenser unit or replacing the filter first. If it’s a refrigerant problem, contact a technician for a replacement.

A significant water puddle under the furnace or air handler, even with everything working well, suggests a plugged condensate drain. Clearing the clog should stop the leak, which you can do by pouring a cup of vinegar down the line.

A malfunctioning control board can cause erratic behavior in the furnace or AC. For instance, some examples given in the video stated that it may turn on both the furnace and AC simultaneously or fail to power the indoor fan while the outside unit functions properly. These issues can lead to freezing or improper operation.

If the fan inside the house is running but the compressor overheats and the condenser fan on top of the unit isn’t running, it’s likely a bad condenser fan motor. However, sometimes the capacitor can also be the cause. Keep an eye out for smoke or steam emanating from the unit.

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