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Design And Keep Your Gardens Beautiful

March 7, 2013


Gardens are superb gifts of nature. Whether they are landscaped and grand, or little, yet big with color, you can benefit from having one.
• Gardens can set the tone for tranquillity – Ever notice how peaceful a garden usually seems? Being in this part of nature tends to uplift a low mood.
• You may have a better night’s rest – Spending time in the sun is good for your sleep-wake cycle. Time spend in the garden can be great as your body takes in the sunshine to create vitamin D.
• Working in the garden is therapeutic – Garden scaping is very therapeutic. Time spent in the garden connects you to the beauty of nature and allows you to escape into a serene setting. You’ll be swept away from the rush and hustle of life.
• It can improve your property value- Decorative garden features can help to increase the value of your home. You could also opt for a garden rooms landscape design.
• You can save on water usage – Commercial garden irrigation installation is a great way to stay on track with water consumption. Set the timer of the irrigation system to monitor the water use.

Getting decorative pieces and plants for the garden may seem challenging, but you’ll get the help you need at a nursery near you.

Trees and shrubs
Whether you are looking for a meticulous, manicured garden or prefer a more rustic effect of tall, ranging wildflowers, there are so many trees, plants and shrubs available that it is easy to get what you need to create the beautiful garden you desire. Garden centers in many areas are often filled with such a wide variety of plants that it can

When choosing plants for your garden design, it is important to consider what kind of soil you have. Plants that do well in heavy, dark soil might wither and die in dry, sandy soil. You also need to factor in how much sunlight each part of planting area gets. Some plants do very well in the shade and others need a lot of sunlight. Many gardening centers have knowledgeable staff on hand who can help you select the right plants.

The staff at any good garden center should also be able to help you figure out if the maintenance required for the plants will fit with the amount of time you have. Some plants require a lot of watering, trimming and weeding to stay beautiful while others require little more than planting and occasional watering. When planning your garden design, it is also important to consider when each plant you choose will bloom. Some plants bloom for an entire season while others bear flowers for only a couple of weeks. Staff educated in garden design can also help you decide between plants that will bloom every season and plants that need to be replanted from seed each year.

If you are considering using trees and shrubs to fill in your garden design, a plant nursery may be an excellent choice. Nurseries usually cater to customers looking for trees or shrubs. The plants are often in their early growth stages and come in pots ready to be taken home and replanted in your garden. Though trees and shrubs may take longer than other types of plants to come to full maturity, they may require less maintenance over time and can add interesting focal points to any garden design.


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