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Debunking Loft Apartment Myths

January 16, 2015


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The best loft apartments are a hot commodity nowadays, especially since home ownership rates are the lowest they’ve been in the nearly seven years since the Great Recession. However, city loft apartments are the only loft dwellings that are en vogue. Many suburbanites are also choosing to rent a loft, as the popularity of these new luxury apartments has spread to Suburbia.

Although the best loft apartments, there are still many misconceptions in regards to actually living in one. Will the experience live up to what’s actually depicted on television? You decide. Here are three common myths about living in a loft apartment.

Loft apartments are too expensive

Yes, there are expensive loft apartments. However, these loft suites are typically rented by celebrities, entertainers, politicians, and others who can afford to do so. However, the majority of lofts and apartments are actually quite affordable. Now that lofts are increasing in popularity and have become increasingly common in both metropolitan and suburban areas, rental rates are becoming more affordable.

Loft apartments are drafty and cold

Loft apartments are known for their open and spacious floor plans. Many have large windows that allow the interior to be bathed in natural light, or even an entire wall or panel of windows. However, many loft apartments are also environmentally friendly and are equipped with high-efficiency appliances and heating and cooling systems, allowing for the inside temperature to be comfortably regulated.

Loft apartments are difficult to decorate

The best loft apartments boast open, spacious interiors. However, this can seem intimidating in regards to decorating. Interior decorators and designers suggest using large area rugs to break up the space and create “rooms”. Or, add a pop of color by painting an accent wall. This can also be used to designate a space. Accessories such as throw pillows in varying sizes, shapes, and colors, throw blankets, art work, lighting, and more can be used to complete the look.
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