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Day School Decision 4 Reasons They’re Beneficial to Your Preschooler

July 5, 2018


There are many reasons parents struggle with the option of sending their child to day schools or keeping them home. On one hand they believe their child will develop on different levels if they attend day schools, but on the other they believe they can provide their children with all necessary skills as day schools provide. There are a number of reasons that day school are beneficial to children including the fact that more than two million children were enrolled in private ones in the year 2016. This fact alone means that day schools must be providing some sort of benefit for our little ones. Read below to see other benefits of day programs for toddlers.

Self Care and Empathy

New Tasks are learned at day schools allowing children to learn to better care for not only themselves but others as well. Roughly more than 20% of public school teachers report that students lack apathy for other students, so day school and preschool programs which focus on these attributes better prepare kids for higher education. Day school typically prepare children by allowing them to handle small tasks such as setting tables and caring for a classroom pet. Teachers of day schools are prepared to teach children how to not only care for themselves, but also care for others. These skills taught in some of the best day schools and some of the best preschools can help children form bonds with other students which will continue to grow as the child grows.


In order to make a child curious about other things a teacher must foster a child’s current curiosity. Teachers at a day school are trained to do just this. Sometimes it is normal things that coincide with a child’s age that fosters that curiosity, but other times it is normal things in their everyday involvement. Things like finding a butterfly on the playground, or finding another insect and inquiring about it require day schools employees to think on their feet to encourage that curiosity and not shun it down. A child’s imagination is a large as those around them let it be and day schools employees should encourage and grow that imagination, which is why day schools are a popular choice.


Everyone who has children knows that rules and structure are the basis for a safe, healthy and happy home. This applies to other areas of your child’s life as well. Day schools allow children the opportunity to express themselves, explore and have fun while still maintaining those boundaries. More than half of three to five year olds who attended day school attended a full day program, meaning the rules and structure were taught for most of the day. This makes it easier for parents to enforce rules and structure at home. While parenting a toddler can seem chaotic at times, knowing that there are rules at home and at day schools helps put some sort of structure in their lives.

Future Schooling

Despite beliefs, day schools are not babysitters, therefore they do far more than babysit children. These centers provide children with the tools and skills that they will need in order to excel in school in later years. The skills each child needs is catered to their individual strengths and weaknesses, something that parents find most schools don’t cater to. If children advance faster they are introduced to more learning skills while those not advancing quite as fast are given one on one that they need to master skills needed once they start school.

Day schools are much more than just babysitters, they provide children with necessary skills needed to advance in school for years to come. Those that are exposed to day schools show a higher success rate for students who look into four year colleges compared with those who don’t. Day schools are provided to give children a boost when it comes to learning cognitive, social and educational skills. Day schools should not be overlooked as a valuable addition to your child’s education early on.

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